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The company's commitment to doing a job right the first time has made the "Brinkmann Way" different from other roofing contractors. The staff is constantly training, and each member is required to earn annual certifications from the largest manufacturers. Their training and experience insures that the customers get a professionally installed roof.

A roof is an investment
  • A roof is the single largest investment a homeowner will make for their home. It's also the most critical outer component. It protects the home and belongings from damaging weather.
  • Brinkmann believes customers are more satisfied with their decisions after they are informed about all of the options they have for a new roof.
  • Brinkmann can give the homeowner all the information they need about products and methods critical to having a roof that will perform properly.
  • Its experienced roofers can put together the necessary parts and plan the installation process for a roofing system for a customer's home or building.
Customers are the best advertising
  • Brinkmann has formed friendships and relationships with manufacturers in the industry. These relationships give the company access to the latest technology and installation.
  • The roofing contractor's proposals are based on the materials needed for the entire job. It sends extra materials out to job sites to keep its crews from having to leave the job to get what they need.
  • After the job is completed, there is a thorough cleanup of the job site. However, if any nails or trash is noted afterwards, giving them a call will get them back out.
  • The company staff is committed to providing the best possible customer service experience as its customers are its best form of advertising
  • Brinkmann has found that over 72 percent of its customers are previous clients or have received a recommendation from a neighbor, relative or business associate. If a customer is satisfied with their roof, they will tell a friend.

If you would like to ask a question regarding residential roofing, siding, gutters or solar shingles, please contact a roofing contractor from Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services.

Roofing projects scheduled at convenient times

Brinkmann makes every effort to schedule roofing projects at a time convenient for everyone. The roofers will let the customer know the start date as well as when the materials will be delivered. It normally takes three to four days for the shingles to be put on. The company is also prepared if the weather turns bad. Crews will seal the roof to prevent water from getting in, and work will resume as soon as weather allows. The supplier will commit to a delivery time, and materials will be delivered on a large truck by a local supply warehouse. The supplier will need to put the material as close to the house as possible. Service lines, such electrical, water and air conditioning lines, should not be within 3 inches of the roof deck. The roofers cannot be responsible for puncturing improperly installed lines they cannot see from above the roof deck.

Brinkmann has every roof covered with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. They also offer free estimates and 24 hour emergency service.

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