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Friendswood Roofing: Article About Advantages and Disadvantages Of Clay Tiles

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When homeowners are looking for a unique roofing material to install on their homes, they may be interested in installing clay tiles. Not only are clay tiles beautiful, they can also potentially reduce the cost of electricity during the summer and make their home look more unique. However, clay tile roofing materials have certain advantages and disadvantages that may make them an appropriate option for one homeowner but not the other. As such, homeowners who are considering installing clay tiles on their roofs should contact a trusted Friendswood roofing contractor.

One of the main reasons that homeowners may be interested in installing clay tiles on their roof is the longevity. If the tiles are properly maintained, they can reportedly last for about 50 years. However, there are cases where clay tiles have lasted for centuries. Part of what increases the lifespan of the tiles is that they are resistant to insect infestation and do not develop roof rot as other materials might. Further, clay tiles are resistant to fire, making them one of the safer materials to use on a roof.

The other major advantage to this type of roof is the unique appearance that they lend to homes. Traditionally, clay tiles have a red or terracotta color that does reflect some ultraviolet light.

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This unique appearance can upgrade a home's curb appeal, especially when the colors and style of the tiles are designed to complement the home's appearance.

There are some major disadvantages that should be considered as well, the biggest con being the weight of the material. If a pre built home was not designed to support a tile roof, it is likely that major structural changes to the home will be needed prior to installing the roof. Otherwise, the homeowner risks having serious damages done to both the home's structure and the roofing material itself.

A second advantage is that the tiles are extremely fragile. This means that homeowners must take extra care to not walk on the tiles when cleaning the roof or looking for cracks. This also means that a professional contractor who has been specially trained to handle and install this material will be needed for the initial installation and for any repairs that are needed down the road.

Making a decision about new roofing can be a hard task. A professional contractor may have more information about different types of roofing that may be best for a particular home.

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