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The distinctive, warm, glowing beauty of copper makes it a standout material for roofing. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, though, builders choose copper for other reasons. As a very durable, low maintenance material that retains approximately 95 percent of its value, copper is an excellent choice. A knowledgeable Friendswood roofing professional can advise homeowners on all the benefits of copper.

Copper has been used in roofing throughout history. There are several examples of roof structures that were constructed of the metal and remain intact 100 or more years later. Copper is resistant to rain, wind, fire, hail, rot, and mildew, all of which can cause substantial damage to other, less resistant materials. Leak protection can be achieved by adding a second layer under the metal. Manufacturers also tout resistance to moss growth as one of the major benefits of choosing a copper roof.

As homeowners and builders develop an increasing interest in environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, metal roofs are growing in popularity. Because metal reflects the sun's energy, heat is reflected instead of being transferred into the home. The result is a cooler interior and a lower demand for air conditioning in the summer.

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Tax credits are available to homeowners as an incentive to conserve energy by installing a metal roof. Furthermore, choosing a copper roof helps reduce landfill waste as the metal is highly recyclable; the average copper roof contains approximately 75 percent recycled material.

Because copper is lightweight, it can be supported by many different building structures without causing stress. Using a lightweight roofing material is especially important in areas where there is substantial snowfall as snow and ice accumulation can add a great deal of weight to a roof and its supporting structure.

Available in many different finishes, copper adds instant curb appeal to a home. Throughout the weathering process, copper's characteristic bronze tone eventually takes on a green patina finish. The metal does not rust or corrode, so coatings and finishes are unnecessary. Copper does not require repainting or refinishing.

Homeowners who choose copper can expect excellent weather resistance and a roof that will take on a sophisticated appearance as it ages. Adding a copper roof automatically boosts a home's value because of the metal's weather and fire resistance and energy efficiency. Initially, the cost of installing a copper roof may seem high. However, the homeowner will ultimately save money over time because of the minimal need for maintenance and overall boost copper will likely bring to the home's value.

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