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Friendswood Roofing: Article About Choosing Solar Shingle Installers

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When creating a green household, it used to be standard practice to install a new roof and adding solar panels on top of it. This process was usually expensive and made shingles difficult to access underneath if there were any problems. With an experienced Friendswood roofing professional, homeowners have another green option in solar shingles. The shingles themselves have embedded solar cells so bulky panels are no longer needed. However, hiring a solar shingle installer means homeowners must find a specialized contractor with the right training.

Homeowners often want contractors with several decades of experience in their field, but the use of solar shingles has only been around since 2005. Experience may be limited for most contractors, so look for companies with any solar work in their past. Installing panels on roofs or even in backyards tells homeowners that workers are familiar with setup and components such as the inverter box. Solar shingles are a natural progression from traditional panels, so past experience does translate between the two components.

Contractors are proud to show off their shingle-installation talents, so they'll often send their workers to certified manufacturer training. The shingle makers provide all the installation and troubleshooting steps necessary for a smooth job each time. Homeowners may even see certifications hanging in a contractor's office.

A roofing contractor from Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services of Friendswood TX can answer questions about slate roofs or James Hardie siding.

Because there are only a handful of solar shingle manufacturers, installation certification from just one is experience enough for many homeowners.

Speak to previous solar shingle clients and visit their homes if possible. Hearing about advantages and disadvantages from a real client tells the homeowner a lot about an installing company's reputation. The finished roof project should speak volumes about installation quality. If the project appears questionable, try to work with another contractor.

When several contractors quote the system, they should also cover all the accessories necessary to connect the solar electronics to the household electrical system. Experienced contractors are able to snake and hide cables between the roof and indoor power supplies, making all components nearly invisible indoors. However, inverters and other components should still be accessible for troubleshooting when necessary such as in the attic. Except for preventive maintenance, solar shingles don't require much attention for normal operation.

Read over several reviews regarding solar shingles and the contractors who installed them. Getting to know the advantages and disadvantages of these components helps homeowners make the right decision for their home. When properly installed, solar shingles usually have a 20-year warranty just like their asphalt shingle relatives.

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