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Friendswood Roofing: Article About Finding Solar Shingle Installers

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When solar shingles became widely available, their integration into the roofing industry was relatively slow. Although contractors had extensive knowledge of conventional roof installations, they didn't have the training to advertise and complete solar installations yet. As time passed, more Friendswood roofing professionals became more familiar with these specialized shingles. Homeowners interested in solar shingles must narrow down their contractor research to a few quality companies by looking for certain attributes.

Homeowners should look for companies with strong ties to specific solar shingle manufacturers. Because solar has electrical components as part of the installation, many shingle manufacturers have intricate connection instructions that must be precisely followed. When contractors work with one or two manufacturers exclusively, they apply those specific instructions so each installation is as perfect as possible.

Along with close ties comes certification. Contractors normally attend classes offered by the manufacturer to familiarize workers with materials and installation variations. Yearly certifications directly from the manufacturer reflect a contractor's expert knowledge of particular products. Workers are given instructions, hands-on training and actual tests to earn that certification.

One roofer characteristic that's unique to solar installers is electrical experience. Solar shingles absorb sunlight to generate direct current.

A roofing contractor from Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services of Friendswood TX can answer questions about slate roofs or James Hardie siding.

This electrical energy cannot be used directly by the home's wiring system because the power must be converted to alternating current, or AC. Roofers actually install an inverter component, allowing the DC to be changed into AC before the power reaches the main electrical panel. The home's electrical system operates normally from the homeowner's perspective at that point as lights and appliances turn on with the proper voltages and currents. Experience with inverters and basic residential panels is critical for a successful solar shingle installation.

A general attribute to look out for is dedication to the roofing industry. When contractors have been in business for several decades, they typically respect their customer base and strive to look for innovative ways to serve them. This dedication translates into frequent training classes for workers to uphold their basic skills while acquiring new talents with new products. Even if a company may not sell solar shingles yet, their workers could be in the process of learning about the technology to introduce it soon to loyal customers. It's these reputable professionals who homeowners want on their property for the next solar shingle installation.

Some contractors work alongside electricians to complete solar shingle installations. Roofers must add this information into the contract before the project begins. For most homeowners, another expert on-site is attractive to ensure a successful installation and long-lasting roof.

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