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A good gutter system is a critical part of any roofing project. Gutters divert water away from the walls and foundation, helping to protect a homeowner's investment. Selecting the right gutters for a home may seem complicated at first. Thankfully, Friendswood roofing contractors know what they are doing and can match the capacity and style to any structure. Knowing a little more about common choices involved in selecting gutters will make the whole process even easier.

On a basic level, there are really only two types of gutters. The first is the half-round gutter, and as the name suggests, it is shaped like a pipe that has been cut in half down the center. This style is less popular due to the limited capacity and style options available. The second type is a K gutter. These have a flat bottom and back with a shaped front. The front can be shaped in many ways to match the aesthetic styling on a home. The flat back allows for more secure mounting, and the wide bottom offers ample capacity to divert more water to the downspouts.

The next choice that must be made is the construction material. Aluminum gutters are by far the most common. Aluminum's light weight, superb strength and rust resistance make it a great choice for almost any home.

Roofers from Brinkmann Quality roofing Services of Friendswood can answer questions about slate roofs or tile roofs.

Aluminum gutters can come primed or already painted to match the trim. They are available in standard and seamless runs depending on price. Vinyl is another low-cost option for gutter material. The downside to these is their tendency to break and become brittle under constant exposure to the sun.

For those with a bigger budget, there are more metals available than plain aluminum. Steel gutters are significantly heaver and more expensive than their aluminum counterparts. The advantage is in the added strength that comes with this weight. These gutters can withstand torrents of water washing through them for up to a decade or longer. If it is classic styling that catches the eye of a property owner, copper makes a beautiful gutter material. Still strong, these are the most expensive gutters available. They will never rust but develop a nice patina as they age.

Getting an idea of what is out there is a good first step when selecting a gutter system. Certified roofing installers will be able to help guide homeowners through the rest of the selection process. Simply knowing what questions to ask can save time.

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