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Some homeowners are inclined to do home improvement projects and repairs themselves, assuming Internet research will give them the knowledge and skills to do any upgrades and repairs their home may need. While some projects may be suitable for DIY-ers to tackle, others may not be. Roofing is one of those projects best left to professionals. If a homeowner is in need of new Friendswood roofing, they should call professionals who are factory certified, licensed and insured.

No intelligent homeowner would ever willingly hire an unlicensed, uninsured person to work on his roof. Not only would this person potentially lack skills and experience, but any damages and mistakes made would become the responsibility of the homeowner and could potentially cost thousands to remedy. DIY roofing is no safer than hiring an uninsured, unlicensed person to work on the roof.

Anything other than minor repairs to a roof requires permitting. Most homeowners have no idea where to begin the process of getting permits pulled for a major roofing installation. Professional roofing companies have whole teams of people dedicated to the process of maneuvering through the bureaucratic process to obtain permits in a timely fashion, and it does not hinder the company's roofers from getting their work done. Not only are homeowners in unfamiliar territory in this regard, but many do not have the time it takes to figure out the system and get the permits needed without having the project delayed.

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Many homeowners try to do their own home improvement and repairs from a desire to save money. Unfortunately, fixing the mistakes made by a DIY homeowner could potentially cost much more than hiring a professional would have cost in the first place. Although a roofing a system is not a "high tech" system, it is a high precision one. Each component of the roofing system works with the other components to keep water out of the home's interior. Failure of one part can potentially lead to the failure of one or all of the other parts. Something as seemingly insignificant as the type of fasteners used to place the shingles could lead to a complete roofing system failure. Additionally, improperly installed roofs are most likely to experience catastrophic failure during times of extreme roofing stress, such as during severe weather or under heavy loads of snow and ice. Some homeowner's insurance may not cover the damage a DIY homeowner inflicts on his own house, further increasing the need for such an important investment to be protected under the guaranteed work of a professional.

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