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Cleaning gutters is a dangerous task as one of the primary causes of accidents among do it yourself homeowners is falling off ladders, which can happen to even the most fit and experienced people. Thankfully, there is a way to avoid the risk of falling off a ladder while cleaning the gutters: maintenance free gutters.

The special design of maintenance free gutters allows rain to travel through it while keeping out debris. If there is no debris in the gutters, there is no way for the gutters to become clogged and no reason for them to be cleaned. This means that homeowners who have maintenance free gutters don't need to get on a ladder or hire someone to clean their gutters for them. The installation process is also painless because Friendswood roofing experts have the skills and experience to do it for them.

Clogged gutters make rain spill forward over the edge of the roof and onto the ground below, where it can pool around the foundation of the home. This could lead to cracks in the foundation and flooding in homes with basements. Additionally, water that builds up in clogged gutters could spill backward and cause damage to the soffit and fascia. Clogs can also attract critters and provide ideal environments for bacteria and mold to flourish.

A maintenance free gutter system is basically a gutter and gutter cover put into one product.

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The system can protect a home and the homeowner from all of the above issues and save them time and money in having the gutters cleaned.

The system works based on liquid adhesion, a principle of physics that states that liquid adheres to the surface on which it flows, particularly a round or curved surface. Maintenance free gutters have rounded top surfaces and gutter troughs below. As rain flows over the top, it falls over the rounded edge of the top and drops into the trough so that it can flow to the downspout. Leaves and other debris don't follow this principle, so they don't fall into the gutter. The open space that the water falls through into the trough is also too small for a majority of debris to fit through.

Maintenance free gutters come in one continuous piece and are often made from aluminum but could be made from copper or galvanized steel. Roofers that install these gutters cut them to fit the length of the roof. During the installation, the hood of the gutters is supported with hangers that the roofers attach to the fascia with screws. This process ensures that the gutters are the right fit for the home and that they remain strong and durable.

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