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Inspecting a roof regularly for damage can prevent water leaks. It also gives homeowners an opportunity to make small repairs before any damage leads to an expensive replacement. However, not everyone wants to climb up on a roof or knows what to look for once up there. Friendswood Roofing experts can evaluate the condition of a roof and determine if repairs are needed or if the roof must be replaced to prevent serious water damage to the interior of the home.

Roofs can be damaged in many ways, depending on the environment, the roofing material used, how it was installed and how it has been maintained. Sometimes a new roof is needed because the existing one has simply become too old and worn out to repair. The average lifetime for most roofs is about 20 years.

Minor damage such as a few shingles blown off by wind appears easy to repair, but it may not be easy to find matching shingles. Even if they are available, they may not look the same because they aren't weathered. Shingles are usually installed in an overlapping pattern. Sometimes adding in replacements leaves an unsightly bump, so it may be better to replace a complete section of the roof instead of a few shingles.

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When the extent of the damage is too great to fix or the roof is too old to repair economically, then replacement is necessary. Although that can be expensive, there are several advantages. If something in the environment is causing premature damage to shingles, a different type of roofing material that might last longer can be installed. If shingles are chosen, it may be possible to install a newer type that is stronger than the originals.

Sometimes a new roof is installed over the damaged one. That's usually to avoid the cost of removing and disposing of the old roofing material. Roofs are heavy, and most building codes don't allow more than two layers of roofing material. If there is only one existing roof, the second may be built over the first in most areas. There are disadvantages to doing so, even when codes allow it.

Completely removing all the old materials allows an inspection of the deck and other parts of the roof. If there's any damage, it's easier and cheaper to repair it while the roof is off. Having the roof off also allows the installation of ice dam membrane in harsh climates. Another consideration is that the new roof must be fastened to the roof deck. If old material is still there, the fasteners must also go through it. This means that less of the fastener penetrates the roof deck. As a result, the new roof may not be attached as firmly as it should be, leaving it vulnerable to a strong wind.

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