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Friendswood Roofing: Article About Rethinking Traditional Shingles

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Homeowners normally have extensive options to choose from when a new roof installation is necessary. From shingles to metal roofs, the roofing materials alone are numerous. Today's technology-driven world also offers a green alternative to asphalt shingles. Solar shingles are now becoming more mainstream among homeowners and contractors, including Friendswood roofing professionals. Research some information about solar shingles to see the difference they can make on an average roof.

Unless a person stands close to the roof, it's difficult to distinguish between a normal black shingle and a solar one. These electronic shingles do not stick out any more than a standard roofing material, allowing them to remain flush with the deck. They may slightly glisten in the sunlight, but they remain aesthetically pleasing compared to solar panels that must be installed separately.

There's almost no difference between the operation of a solar shingle and separate panels. Once the roofers complete the installation, the shingles work continuously to convert sunlight energy. This energy supplies all the home's needs with some extra electricity to spare in some cases. Extra electricity is actually sold back to the electrical company for a profit.

A roofing contractor from Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services of Friendswood TX can answer questions about tile roofs or James Hardie siding.

The home must be attached to the main grid in town for this concept to work smoothly.

Before contractors install solar shingles, professionals discuss the material's quantity and household electricity needs. It's not necessary to cover the entire roof in solar shingles. Only part of the roof may need solar shingles to generate enough electricity to the home, freeing the rest of the surface up to use basic shingles. This design aspect saves the homeowner significant money.

Solar shingles have been on the market since 2005, but they were often too expensive for the average consumer. Their materials have dropped in price, and the government helps with incentive programs. Contractors can sit down with homeowners to discuss these incentives. Cost savings could be in the form of reduced labor or percentage off materials, based on the government's rules. The contractors themselves cannot reduce the pricing, so researching government programs is a smart way to find all the incentives that apply to a household. Solar energy pays for itself over several years of use.

Homeowners are no longer limited to bulky photovoltaic panels that may not fit on a small property. Solar shingles mix the protection of a standard roofing material with the ingenious technology of electricity production. A home's value is bound to grow with this integrated feature.

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