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Newer homes are built with roof ventilation in mind. However, homeowners who are living in older homes might be dealing with poor ventilation systems. While this makes the attic of a home nearly unusable, it also keeps the home warmer during the summer and can trap moisture during the winter. Hiring Friendswood roofing experts to install or improve existing ventilation systems can save families hundreds of dollars every year on their energy bills.

It's important to understand how a roof's ventilation system helps lower energy bills. During the summer, heat builds in the attic of a house. The sun is beating down on the roof all day, and the roofing material traps that heat inside the house. Heat also naturally rises. All the warm air that homeowners are trying to force out of their homes has a natural tendency to travel upward. This builds up in the attic and increases the temperature of a house dramatically.

On a day that is 90 degrees Fahrenheit, an attic with poor ventilation can reach temperatures of 170 degrees or hotter. Insulation in the attic absorbs this heat and keeps it from escaping. Even when the house should be cooling down during the night, it stays hot. This forces homeowners to run their air conditioning units for long periods of time to cool down the rest of their house.

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This greatly increases their monthly energy bills and carbon footprint.

During the winter, homeowners have other problems to worry about if their roof is not ventilated properly. Homes with well-insulated attics fill with moisture, which causes even more problems than having an attic that is excessively hot.

Also in winter, homeowners keep their houses warm. This warm air rises and carries water vapor up to the attic. The water vapor is created by everyday activities such as showering, running a humidifier, doing laundry and cooking. The migration to the attic is not just caused by rising warm air but also atmospheric pressure that pushes the water vapor from areas of the house with high humidity to areas with low humidity.

Water in an attic may cause several problems, including the buildup of mold in the wood and insulation. This problem and excessive heat can be fixed by hiring a professional roofer to install a proper ventilation system in the attic. This ventilation system usually brings in fresh air from the bottom end of the roof, forcing the warm air and water vapor out of a ventilation pipe.

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