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When it comes time to replace your roof, it's important to know the types of materials available to consumers. While there's nothing wrong with being cost-conscious, a roof is one of the most essential structural components of the home, and it's important to choose quality products. A Friendswood roofing specialist from Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services can help explain the options more fully, but here are some of the types of roofing systems the company typically installs.

Composition shingles are the types of shingles that most people imagine when they think about a roof. These are made from a composite of materials, including a fiberglass base with asphalt on top. Anyone who chooses to go with composition shingles will have some choices to make regarding color and style of the shingle. A roof made from these shingles is likely to last 15 years or more.

Clay or concrete tiles are curved and are typically used in a Spanish-style home. They'll definitely give any home a look that stands out. The clay tiles are more durable than concrete versions, but also more expensive, so consumers need to decide whether they'll fit within the budget. If the house doesn't already have this type of roofing system in place, it's important to consult with a structural engineer to ensure that the home can support the increased weight load, as these tiles weigh significantly more than composition shingles.

A roofing contractor from Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services of Friendswood TX can answer questions about James Hardie siding or gutters and downspouts.

A newer option, the standing seam metal roof, is very durable and can last longer than asphalt shingles. The raised seams are also integral in preventing moisture from entering the roofing system and causing damage. Best of all, because a metal roof can be painted any color, the homeowner can select a lighter color that will keep the home cooler in the hot Texas sun.

Stone coated steel roofing systems allow those who choose it to have the strength and durability of a metal roof, while still maintaining the aesthetic appeal of more traditional shingles. The cost of this type of roof may be higher, but the added durability means that the homeowner may never need to replace his roof again.

Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services is also able to install the Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles. Rather than being unsightly panels used to generate solar energy, these solar shingles blend in with asphalt shingles. A home that has these panels gets the energy savings from having solar power along with a beautiful look to the home. Solar shingles may also add to the resale value of a home.

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