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While spring brings lots of opportunities to get outside and have some fun, it's also a reminder to take care of some things around the house. Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition, and it should include some home maintenance tasks as well. Friendswood Roofing, following The National Roofing Contractors Association guidelines, recommends homeowners inspect their roof every fall and spring. A roof is the most important piece of a home's external shelter, and problems there can quickly become problems in the rest of the house as well.

Keeping safety at the forefront, it's time to get up on a ladder to clear those gutters and check for problems. Luckily, both tasks can be accomplished with a little elbow grease, some common household items and a bit of patience.

Using a small garden tool, such as a trowel or spade, can really help when clearing the debris from gutters. Take care not to created damage by using tools. A gloved hand works well too. Keep a lookout for shingle material in the gutters as you work; it can be a sign of potential damage.

A roofing contractor from Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services of Friendswood TX can answer questions about gutters and downspouts or tile roofs.

Little sparkly pieces that catch the light are likely shingle crumbles and indicate that parts of your roof are wearing out and need attention.

Once the gutters are mostly clear, use a garden hose to flush out any remaining bits and pieces, and to check for issues. Check gutters for leaks and areas of standing water, which may indicate improper drainage. Make repairs as needed. When gutters overflow, there is a risk of water pooling up in a basement or crawl space that can compromise the foundation of the home. While leaks are self explanatory, standing water can indicate problems with the angle of the gutter. It may be best to get the opinion of a professional. Serious physics are at work in those gutters and downspouts; with the risk of structural damage, it's best to have any problems checked out by an expert.

Checking gutters is important, but remember to check to roof as well. Possible warning signs of problems include buckling or lost shingles and debris around flashing or protrusions, such as the chimney or a sky light. The presence of any of these warning signs means it's time to call a professional.

Finally, don't forget to check inside the home for evidence of water damage. Often found on ceilings or in corners, tell-tale signs of water damage are discoloration, water stains and bubbling paint.

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