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There are more than a dozen types of siding, and within those types are different textures, colors and sizes. With so many options, it's recommended that homeowners become acquainted with their options before hiring Friendswood roofing professionals to install their siding.

One of the oldest types of siding is wood, and there are several varieties. Bevel siding comes in cedar, cypress, Douglas fir, pine, redwood and spruce varieties, which are installed horizontally. Shingles and shakes come in cedar and redwood varieties, and shingles are thinner than shakes. Board and batten siding comes in cedar and pine varieties, and they are installed in a vertical design. These three types are installed over a solid surface with a moisture barrier in between. While split logs are made from cedar, cypress, pine or redwood, engineered wood siding is made from castoffs and bonding agents.

Since the 1960s, vinyl siding has become a leading choice among homeowners and builders because of its low cost and light maintenance. Homeowners can choose from hundreds of colors that fit their personalities, while they also have design options such as shingles and shakes, beaded, and vertical or horizontal panels. Vinyl siding is installed on flat surfaces.

Stone siding is one of the most durable types and can be made from slate, granite, limestone or other stones. However, it's also one of the most costly types and one of the most difficult to install.

A roofing contractor from Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services of Friendswood TX can answer questions about slate roofs or tile roofs.

Fabricated stone and veneers are made from real stone, rock or other materials, and they are easier to install but are still durable.

Brick siding is popular for its light maintenance and durability, and it's generally made from fired clay. Bricks are available in several sizes, textures and colors, and they are installed around the wood frame of the house with a mixture of cement, mortar and water. Fabricated brick and veneers are also available and typically made from brick, clay or other materials.

Stucco siding is traditionally made with a mixture of cement and lime or sand. Used for hundreds of years, stucco can be textured and shaped. It's generally installed over galvanized metal screening and tarpaper or over stone or brick surfaces. Fiber cement siding is similar in that it contains a mixture of materials: cellulose fiber and either cement, fly ash or sand. It costs more than vinyl and less than wood, but it's water resistant, termite resistant and nonflammable.

Metal siding comes in aluminum, copper, steel and zinc varieties, and it can be molded to fit curves, edges and shapes. The panels are attached to a frame on a backing material, and a moisture barrier is added in between.

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