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An asphalt-shingle roof should not be walked upon under general circumstances, but walking on the roof is occasionally necessary for the purposes of inspection, maintenance or repair. A qualified Friendswood roofing contractor or inspector should be the only person to walk on the roof, but knowing how they intend to do so is important because of potential damage that can occur.

The biggest problem generally comes with roof inspections. These involve looking over a roof, chimney and connecting areas to determine if or where there is damage. In certain cases, simply inspecting the roof can add damage. Asking the right questions about the inspection process can go a long way toward determining whether the right person is handling the job. A homeowner should not be afraid to express concerns about anyone walking on their roof because many inspections can occur simply by looking in the attic area only. But understanding that walking on the roof may be unavoidable, there are some things a homeowner should find out.

Knowing the type of shoes the contractor intends to use on the roof is helpful. The most important factor to consider is how the person intends to step, but the type of shoe is also worth considering. Many contractors will use a gym shoe because they are lightweight but still provide sufficient traction.

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It is most important to avoid an overly heavy shoe or boot. This can tear individual shingles and rip away granules. Contractors and inspectors will appreciate any homeowner who expresses concern for their roof and should be willing to comply with requests.

More important than the shoe is the way a person steps on the roof itself. A light step with weight on the balls of the feet is very important. Extra twisting and turning of the foot can tear shingles and eliminate granules. As a person takes a step, the foot should not drag but move in a tiptoe type of movement.

There are some safety considerations that any person - homeowner or experienced contractor - should consider before walking on a roof. A qualified and professional contractor or inspector will follow all proper safety protocols and take care with the treatment of the roof at all times. First, if there is not a safe entry point to the roof, nobody should be walking on it. Next, walking on a roof should never be attempted if the structure has any unsound or rotted areas. Icy or even wet roofing should also be avoided. These conditions can lead to serious physical harm.

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