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River Oaks Roofing: Article About Basics Of Skylights

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Skylights are a popular choice to allow more sunlight in and naturally brighten up any room. It can completely transform the way a room looks and feels and add unique character to the home. However, there are unique problems homeowners could experience with their skylights if specific precautions are not taken. The best way to ensure that a skylight will be hassle free is preparing well prior to installation. Many homeowners select an inexpensive skylight that features plastic glazing, which may save money in the beginning but could cost more money in the end. Plastic glazing is not insulated and does not reflect heat, which means the homeowner will most likely have larger air conditioning bills. Plastic is also more prone to leaking than other products. Because there are several different design options and materials available for skylights, homeowners can contact a River Oaks roofing professional to better understand which unit will be best suited for their home.

Skylights that feature higher quality materials are often curbed at the top and include a specific factory flashing kit.

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This type of skylight is more energy efficient, less prone to leaking and available as a fixed unit or a vented unit, which means it can open and close like traditional windows. If the skylight is too far away to reach, the better option might be to purchase the fixed unit.

Older styles of homes used to feature skylights that were comprised of a single pane of glass inside a frame, but today's market allows for more options, such as skylights with low E tinted glaze that refract heat and UV rays in addition to tempered glazes that are incredibly durable. Using clear glass might be a great way to allow more light into the room, but if the skylight is being installed on a house in a warmer climate, the best option might be to purchase a tinted glass insert. A screen can be installed on the panel to help control heat and prevent furniture from fading as well.

Some skylights feature specific warranties from the manufacturer. For example, many manufacturers offer a no leak guarantee. Often, the skylight will include a warranty on the installation, a warranty that covers the glass to ensure that it will not chip for a period of time, and a warranty on the entire unit as a whole. Many homeowners are under the impression that skylights are included in the general warranty of the roof; however, in many warranties, skylights are excluded.

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