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River Oaks Roofing: Article About Efficient Gutters and Downspouts

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Many homeowners tend to neglect the maintenance and care of the gutters and drainage spouts that are attached to the roof. These devices do more than provide a method for rain water to be diverted from entryways. The gutters and downspouts can deliver everything from saving money during droughts to physical safety during the colder months. However, these attachments can get clogged with debris, reducing efficiency. In order to keep gutters clean and free from problems, many homeowners will call a River Oaks roofing professional to eliminate problems and repair the draining system.

It's common practice for homeowners to have rain barrels to capture the water that pelts the roof during storms. This water can then be used to keep gardens alive and the grass green during sunny days. Considering the amount of rain that could fall in any given day, this could provide the means of life for plants for extended periods of time. While some areas don't have to worry about moisture, using rain barrels in conjunction with downspouts can help keep a regular flow of water to the gardens while saving money on the water bill.

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However, clogged systems can reduce the flow, preventing the barrels from being as efficient as they could be.

During the beginning of colder months, ice can begin to form from the roof. A properly maintained gutter system reduces the development of icicles, which could keep the homeowner safe from being speared from above. Although water can freeze quickly within the gutters, these units still provide protection against the formation of ice during brief cold spells.

Bad gutter systems on the roof can lead to foundation problems around the home. Without a proper method for removing the rainwater from the structure, the liquid can pool next to cement footings. If there is a crack anywhere along the cement, the water can begin to leak into the home. This can cause major property damage ranging from rotting wood frames to destroying carpets and drywall. It could also attribute to the development of mold, which can make those in the home sick.

Driveways and walkways can be directly affected by pooling water. Over time, water and ice can cause these surfaces to crack and separate. In many instances, the ground underneath can become soft, causing some of the areas to sag and become uneven. This is one of the primary reasons why homes and businesses put efforts into a clean drainage system: To prevent lasting damage.

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