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River Oaks Roofing: Article About Energy Conscious Roofing Solutions

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Energy conscious roofing solutions do a lot to protect the environment as well as increase the value of homes and properties. River Oaks roofing specialists understand the importance of providing reliable maintenance and repairs to protect these investments now and in the future. Tile roofing, solar shingles and metal roofs create better energy management systems as well as providing the opportunity to recycle old, used and scrap roofing materials.

Tile roofing has a history of regulating heat throughout the year. Tiles reflect about 70 percent of the heat during the summer and retain the heat during the colder months. Homeowners can reduce heating and cooling costs while using less energy. The materials used for tiled roofs are often chemical free and make recycling easier. Most local recyclers are willing to accept tile roofing materials because they are used to make other building materials.

Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular around the country. Many manufacturers produce a wide variety of metal roofing styles, from metal shingles to sheeting. These roofs are available in various colors and are often made to order from materials that include steel, copper, aluminum and tin. Metal roofing systems have a long lifespan, lasting up to 50 years before replacement is needed, and they often come with a warranty or guarantee on the workmanship and materials.

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These roofing systems are easy to maintain, and the metal is accepted in most recycling plants.

Solar shingles are a bit more expensive, but the energy savings can recoup the initial expense over time. Roofing systems that produce energy are becoming highly prized in the real estate market for future homebuyers. Solar shingles are designed for sloped roofing styles to increase the absorption of sunlight. In order to maintain any warranties or guarantees that come with these systems skilled roofers received in-depth training on the installations and care required.

Quality solar shingles save money and energy while increasing property values, and using recyclable materials and modern roofing methods allows many homeowners and property owners to keep their buildings in top shape. Affordable products and research ensures that customers have access to a variety of solar roofing solutions for their homes or buildings. No matter how complicated a project may seem, the right roofing solution protects the structure while supporting a cleaner, healthier environment. When it is time for repairs, renovations or maintenance, ask a contractor about the environmental benefits a new roof will offer.

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