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River Oaks Roofing: Article About Examinations After Hail Storms

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Hail can cause a lot of damage to anything within the path of a storm. In many cases, hail is responsible for breaking glass and destroying siding. Regardless of the intensity of the storm itself, it's always good practice to ensure that the home survived the storm from top to bottom. Any compromises within the outer surfaces of the home could cause severe damage to the structure as well as the bank account in terms of repair costs. As hail can be quite dangerous to a large investment such as a home, owners will want to call River Oaks roofing specialists to determine the extent of the damage.

Depending on the degree of the storm, hail can travel at an incredible velocity. This speed poses such a great threat to homes. A small piece of ice traveling fast enough can shatter vinyl siding and chip away at shingles. The likelihood of damage increases through the duration of the storm as hundreds and thousands of these projectiles could be bombarding the roof. Although many hailstorms don't promote the same force on impact, the roof and siding can only be struck by so many pieces before a crack forms.

Aging roofs may be more susceptible to hail damage due to the degradation of shingle materials. Between various storms and the UV damage done by sunlight over an extended period of time, the materials currently protecting the home could be easily compromised.

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The age of shingles and other materials could cause the structure to be more brittle than it was when first installed. Once the hailstorm begins to pelt this older material, it could flake off and fragment, creating various holes and cracks within the structure. At this point, it may be more difficult to repair as older materials could fall apart during the procedure.

Once the roof or the siding has been compromised by hail, moisture can begin to damage the house from the inside. This kind of intrusion can lead to mold spores, rotted wood framing, rotted insulation and direct damage to drywall and other components. Instead of taking the time to fix a small hole in the roof or siding caused by hail damage, a homeowner could be faced with more extensive work to repair the affected parts of the structure.

While many people don't consider the amount of damage small pieces of ice can cause to a home, the threat is real. The protection the roof provides doesn't last forever, and it needs regular upkeep in order to offer the same coverage year after year.

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