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Fiber cement has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity. Fiber cement has many uses for home improvement and construction because of its durability and strength. Using fiber cement as a roofing or siding material has many benefits. River Oaks roofing professionals can help homeowners decide if fiber cement is a viable option for their home.

Fiber cement is a green material for homeowners who want their home to have as small of an environmental footprint as possible. It is sustainably produced from Portland cement, sand and wood fiber. Most often, the wood fiber comes from a variety of recycled waste, ranging from paperboard to wood recycled from construction manufacturing waste. The type of fiber used in the manufacturing process determines its strength and uses. Everything that goes into the production of fiber cement is an easily replenished resource, making fiber cement an environmentally conservative choice.

Because they are engineered, fiber cement construction products can be made to look like other more costly or high maintenance products. They can be made to look like slate, shakes or wood clapboards and can be used in both roofing and siding applications.

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Many homeowners choose fiber cement over natural products because they add all the beauty of the natural product but require much less maintenance. Fiber cement products also come in many colors, which makes them a suitable product for homes of almost any architectural style in every neighborhood.

Fiber cement is highly desirable in moist climates because it does not rot, no matter how wet it gets. It is also fireproof and is a natural insect repellent. Because of these qualities, using fiber cement as roofing or siding could lower a homeowners' insurance rates in areas that are at high risk for fire, especially when used as a roofing material.

Once installed and painted, fiber cement requires significantly less maintenance than its wood counterparts. This is mainly because fiber cement does not expand and contract with changes in temperature the way that wood products do, so once it's painted, it can stay vibrant for many years without peeling or blistering.

Fiber cement siding is also a competitively priced siding option for many homes. While it is somewhat more expensive than wood and vinyl, it costs less than stucco and easily outlasts its competition by several decades. The fact that it lasts so much longer makes its cost per year significantly less than low cost materials like vinyl siding.

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