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One of the most common methods of developing renewable energy for the home is through the use of solar panels. Depending on the area, this kind of a setup can nearly keep a home powered indefinitely. However, the panels themselves can wreak havoc on a roof. Due to the weight of the panels, frame and materials that go into development, the roof experiences additional strain. Fortunately, solar shingles can deliver renewable energy while keeping the roof secure and aesthetically pleasing.

There are many different kinds of solar shingles for roofs ranging from hard constructed miniature panels to flexible material perfect for rounded surfaces. This can be less intrusive and more aesthetically pleasing to those in the neighborhood. Because these units offer a greater visual appeal, many people call a River Oaks roofing company to install these units. Instead of solar panels resting on the home in a bulky fashion, the thinner shingles give the home a more natural look while absorbing the sunlight.

Solar shingles can maximize the efficiency of the roof for collecting sunlight. Only so many large panels can be attached to the roof due to weight constraints and available space.

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Since these miniature panels are smaller and lighter, a greater surface area can be covered. This could lead to a much higher production of energy as the entire surface could theoretically be covered in solar panels.

Traditional solar panels attach to the roof by drilling many holes into the structure for bracing the framework. This compromises the roof and could eventually lead to problems in the long term. Should an installer forget to seal the hole once the frame has been attached, moisture could seep into the roof causing internal damage. Many solar shingle types don't have the same requirements and can be laid across the roof without drilling or tearing into the existing surface. Other types of these shingles may require complete roof renovations, but the process may still be safer and more reliable that the old roof trying to sustain the weight of large panels.

Winds and storms can cause traditional solar panel frames to move about. Over time, this could begin to wear out the integrity of the roof even if the bolts had been sealed with tar and other materials. Solar shingles offer less wind resistance and are not affected in the same manner. As these units adhere directly to the roof's structure, there is no space for wind to get under.

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