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River Oaks Roofing: Article About Overlooked Roofing Details

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Parts, labor and time frames are common subjects to discuss before a roofing project begins. River Oaks roofing experts take time out of their schedule to ensure homeowners understand all the project's specific details. However, some details could be overlooked that are important to residents. Look over these roofing factors and keep them in mind when speaking to a contractor.

Roofing projects produce an astounding amount of trash, so verify who is responsible for cleanup. In most cases, the contractor should clean up all materials. Reputable professionals perform trash duties after each workday. This scheduling makes the process faster to complete while keeping the job site clear for residents to move about. Nails, in particular, must be cleaned up for overall safety on the property.

Homeowners may have seen huge metal dumpsters hugging a property's edge at other roofing projects, but these containers aren't the only disposal choices. Ask the contractor about rubber tire trailers. These disposal vehicles are less harmful to driveways and roads, giving homeowners peace of mind that the property will be damage-free after the project is completed. Even discuss disposal vehicle locations and add it to the contract.

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Some driveways may not be able to take all that weight without damaging the concrete.

Ask the contractor about garage access during the installation. For most projects, professionals insist on no cars in the garage. If the homeowner must leave the property, the car won't be surrounded by possible nails on the ground from the roofing installation. Parking the car in the garage at night should be cleared by the contractor to verify the cleanup process is complete with no harmful debris remaining in the driveway.

Work with the professional regarding attic component locations. From air conditioning lines to electrical wiring, roofers need at least 3 inches of open space just below the deck inside the attic. Nails and tools often move into the attic space, possibly puncturing lines and wires if not rearranged. Contractors shouldn't start the roof project until the attic has ample space for installation tools. In general, these lines and wires are safer when they aren't close to the attic ceiling. Any winds damaging the roof could also harm these items, too.

Be honest with the contractor about roofing concerns throughout the project. There should always be a manager on-site for any concerns. From attic components to soffit ventilation, all roofing parts are the contractor's responsibility along with communicating effectively with homeowners for a successful project.

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