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A home is only as strong as the roof that protects it, and roofs are put to the test every day by winds, rain and other elements. However, no matter how strong a roof is when it's new, it starts to lose that strength as it ages. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for homeowners to accurately gauge the strength of their roofs. Thankfully, roofs in need of repair will often display warning signs that their strength is diminishing.

No matter what type of roof a home has, there is one element that weakens its strength quicker than anything else: Extreme temperature fluctuations. Roofs have to deal with changing temperatures all day, every day. In addition to the damaging effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays, roofs expand and contract when they heat up and cool off. These fluctuations aren't limited to outside temperatures; surface temperatures also have an impact. On a 70 degree Fahrenheit day, for example, the surface temperature of a roof can get up to 140 degrees. At night, the temperature of the roof drops quickly, causing it to contract.

The best way to gauge the strength of any roof is to hire a River Oaks roofing professional every few years to inspect it.

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The first thing that the expert will check is sunlight in the attic, which a strong roof should not allow. If there are beams of light shooting into the attic, this is a good sign that the roof is damaged. It may also mean that the sealant around vents, chimneys or other objects that stick out of the roof is starting to age. Once the roof or sealant is damaged, it's easier for moisture to slip into the house, causing a number of problems such as mold and rot.

Poor attic ventilation is another cause of a roof losing strength before its time. Without proper airflow, heat builds up in the attic, causing the roof to stay warmer longer. This increases the homeowner's cooling costs and damages the roofing material, causing it to lose strength. Good attic ventilation keeps roofs strong by preventing heat buildup in the summer and ice dams during the winter. A professional roofer can tell the homeowner if there is proper air intake into the attic to ensure excess damage isn't being inflicted.

Once finished in the attic, the roofing professional will move to the roof to check the condition of the shingles. The strength of a roof is only as good as the condition of the roofing material protecting it. As roofing materials age, they starts to crack and curl, which allows water to penetrate the roofing deck.

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