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River Oaks Roofing: Article About Safeguarding The Home From Hurricanes

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Homeowners who live in areas prone to tornadoes and hurricanes face a unique set of problems when it comes to preparing their home beforehand, or facing the damage afterward. One of the most vulnerable and important components of the home is the roof, and when it is exposed to high winds, heavy rain, hail and falling debris, the result can be devastating. There are specific ways homeowners can safeguard their roof before disaster strikes. It is recommended that homeowners inspect their roof if severe weather is expected in the weather forecast to ensure there are no damaged shingles or leaks. If the roof does not meet current building codes, it is probable that significant damage could occur.

It could be dangerous to climb on a roof with a high slope, especially if it is damp. Homeowners can contact a River Oaks roofing contractor to inspect the roof and ensure that it is capable of withstanding bad weather.

Inspectors will make sure there are no loose, curled or missing shingles or tiles. They will ensure that all nails used to attach the shingles to the roof deck are around 4 inches apart and that staples have not been used in place of nails. They will also search for protruding nails, which could indicate that the deck is not secure.

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In many cases, they will also inspect the attic for leaks and make sure light is not coming into the space from the roof, which could allow water to pour into the home during a hurricane and cause major damage to the interior.

There are some additional precautions the contractor might take to secure the roof before heavy winds hit, such as applying construction adhesive to the sides of the rafters where they connect to the deck and applying roofing cement around the perimeters of the shingles, which will create a watertight seal. The contractor will determine if these measures should be taken during the inspection.

If necessary, metal clips can be connected from the roof to the interior walls, which will add extra support and help the roof to withstand harsh winds. Gable style roofs are particularly vulnerable to heavy winds. Wooden braces can be installed from the rafters to provide more stability.

Some insurance companies offer specific hurricane insurance discounts for homeowners who have taken extra precautions to protect their roof from storm damage. Safeguarding a roof before a storm hits saves time, worry and money.

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