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River Oaks Roofing: Article About Solar Installation Options

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The roof is a common location for a solar panel installation, but many households put these investments off because of pricing and structural concerns. River Oaks roofing professionals have a solution to these concerns: Solar shingles. Embedded within basic shingles are photovoltaic components, allowing the material to absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. When a new roof is needed for a home, solar materials combine both a panel and shingle installation into one project.

Adding a new roof and installing solar panels simultaneously requires a major investment. Homeowners will pay for separate labor rates between two different contractors with traditional installations. In the past, roofing contractors didn't always have the training necessary to safely install electrical components as well as roofing materials. Solar shingles eliminate the need for two different contractors, saving homeowners money on labor costs.

A major hurdle to solar installations is usually weight. Panels aren't extremely heavy but may be problematic on older rooftops. To avoid any structural problems, residents often choose new roofing and forgo any solar options. Solar shingles don't add any extraneous weight to the roof because they weigh almost as much as a standard covering.

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The added shingle components add a negligible weight amount, making installation possible on almost any roof. However, contractors will still perform the necessary calculations to verify weight limitations.

All residents have different power needs based on the household size and included appliances, and this is where solar shingles have an upper hand. Solar shingle installations can be customized to power only certain items, for instance. One family may want the entire electrical panel supplied by sunlight energy whereas another household only requires some basic amenities. Contractors calculate power needs and match that to solar shingle quantities. It's not always necessary to cover the entire roof in solar shingles.

Residents continue to save on electrical costs well after the initial solar shingle installation. With proper yearly inspections, the roof will last for several decades. Any extra electrical energy is often sent back to the electric company for a profit. Residents may actually see a credit on their electrical bill each month, giving them a monetary return for their electricity contribution.

Contractors are slowly training their workers on solar shingle installations, so it's critical to find a business that works closely with the material manufacturer. Unlike standard shingles, solar versions require a certain installation pattern and connection to an electrical system. Companies with factory training for solar shingles are best for any potential roof project.

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