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River Oaks Roofing: Article About Spotting Roofing Material Problems

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A brand new roof installation is a perfect visual pattern, making any defects quite obvious to viewers on the ground. If shingles are defective, they'll often show their problematic issues within a few months of installation. Homeowners must work with their River Oaks roofing professional to discover the defect cause and correct it before any leak damage occurs across the surface.

Individual shingles are simply three separated tabs connected with a horizontal attachment piece. If any major defects occur, they often involve curling at the tab ends. These sections lay flat across the roof without any fasteners holding them securely. Homeowners should admire their roof after installation while being on the lookout for any premature curling. This issue is quite apparent even from the ground level.

Contact the installing contractor as soon as problems are observed. Defective roofing materials could let moisture into the home, for instance, causing more damage than is necessary for the situation. A swift call to a contractor brings their expertise to the property. They'll send their top supervisor or manager to survey the roof up close. With some troubleshooting techniques, they'll narrow down defect causes and create an effective repair plan.

Homeowners may even help contractors with the defect's discovery. Contractors could ask residents to speak directly with the manufacturer during a conference call, for instance.

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Describing the weather, temperature and physical problems with the material helps the manufacturer understand what issues could plague a particular product. They could offer a replacement suggestion along with the contractor's help. This communication between all three parties is helpful for everyone, allowing homeowners to see the dedication from professionals while solving the defect problem rapidly.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, most defects are covered under warranty. The manufacturer uses their coverage in the event of material failure. They'll simply replace the product with the same one or a similar type. Workmanship warranties are supplied by the contractor. If the material failed because of installation mistakes, labor charges and materials are covered with no extra investment from the homeowners. All warranty information will be discussed between the contractor and homeowner before fixing the defective rooftop.

Homeowners should be observant about their new roof installation, inspecting it each day from the ground. After a high wind event or rainstorm, defects can arise in response to the weathering stress. When contractors have as much information as possible about possible failure factors, they can work with the manufacturer to find a material that withstands the test of time.

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