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Homeowners who are looking for a more durable roof than the standard asphalt shingle are looking at metal roofs. The basic standing seam metal roof has long been popular for commercial establishments, but it has only recently been catching on among homeowners as a viable choice for single family homes.

Standing seam metal roofs don't look like traditional clay tiles or wood shake roofs. However, they do provide a sleek, modern look that enhances the appearance of a wide variety of house styles. On a standing seam metal roof, metal sheets run from the ridge of the house all the way down to the gutters. Each metal sheet is locked to the sheet next to it by experienced metal roofers such as River Oaks Roofing through a raised seam that is sealed and rendered waterproof. The roof looks like it has vertical lines running up it, an attractive, sleek modern look.

Standing seam metal roofs have many practical advantages over asphalt shingles and even over shakes and tiles. Their primary appeal is their durability. They are weatherproof, fireproof and last for a long time before needing to be replaced. Because they have far fewer seams than a shingled roof, there are fewer places for water to find a way in to the house below.

Metal roofs are considered to be energy efficient "cool roofs." Their metal structure naturally reflects the sun's rays off the house, keeping it cooler during the summer.

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Even if painted a darker color, these types of roofs function as heat reflectors. They are also environmentally friendly, as many are made out of recycled materials and they can be recycled.

A disadvantage of standing seam metal roofs is finding a roofer to install one. There are hordes of roofing companies experienced in putting on asphalt shingles, but the work involved in installing standing seam metal roofs is very different in nature. An asphalt shingling roofer is not likely to be able to install a standing seam metal roof properly.

Standard snap lock metal panels are also not recommended for very flat roofs. In general, the roof needs to have a pitch of 2:12 for standard metal panels. More expensive panels with different seams can be installed on a 1/2:12 pitch roof. However, even asphalt shingles aren't recommended for roofs with a pitch less than 2:12.

Standing seam metal roofs can be made out of aluminum or steel. Aluminum is more impervious to corrosion, but is more easily dented by hail and flying debris than is steel. Both types of metal can be painted any color, but off the shelf metal roofs tend to stick to neutral colors such as greens, browns and reds, which are common roof colors that go well with most house color schemes.

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