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River Oaks Roofing: Article About Steep Roof Install Tools

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Steep-slope roofs are often defined by an angle of 9 or 10 degrees and higher. These roof types are perfectly designed to allow snow and rain to slough off the surface during long winters. However, accessing a steep-slope roof requires some extra equipment compared to other traditional and low-pitch roofs. River Oaks roofing experts can go over these safety items with homeowners to ensure a safe repair or replacement project.

There are several ways to access a steep-slope roof. Traditionally, long ladders lean against the structure with safety ties holding them to key points. Other contractors may suggest a small lift machine to rise above the ground. These machines are only used if the property can handle their size and weight, however. Ladders are more versatile around flowerbeds and compact walkway areas.

Homeowners may notice unusual lumber boards installed on the roof every 4 or 5 feet in a horizontal orientation. These boards are also called slide guards. They are held with numerous roof brackets for temporary safety needs. If a worker accidentally slides down the roof, one of the guards quickly catches their footing. Slide guards are removed once the installation is complete, creating a normal shingle appearance down the entire roof surface.

In some rare instances, railings may be attached to those slide guards.

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Creating a fence appearance, the railings add another safety level because workers have a sturdy area to grab if they lose balance. Although the slide guard is there for footing ease, the railing adds more stability if an accident occurs.

All workers should have gripping shoes to remain steady on the roof. Sneakers and other traditional footwear shouldn't be worn. If homeowners are concerned about worker safety, they can speak to the project manager for verification. Gripping shoes are much safer when steep slopes are involved.

Workers on steep roofs could use harnesses for ultimate safety. Wrapping around the chest, waist and arms, these harnesses connect to a holding system for the entire crew. If a worker falls, the harness supports them until they can find their footing again.

Homeowners should see roofers checking their safety equipment several times a day, including the initial setup and midway through the day. Safe workers perform their duties with better accuracy and thoroughness, practically guaranteeing a streamlined project with an immaculate appearance. Contractors with safety in mind concentrate their attention on detail to create a long-lasting roof for years of leak-free service.

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