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River Oaks Roofing: Article About Stone Coated Steel Roof Benefits

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Homeowners may love the appearance of shingles across their roof, but new materials are being used each year on neighboring homes that look even better. From ceramic tiles to membranes, roofing systems have several material selections available for discerning homeowners. An attractive and long lasting material called stone coated steel can be installed by River Oaks roofing professionals. This material provides much more than just curb appeal.

Homeowners have the best of both worlds with stone coated steel. At first glance, steel looks like typical asphalt shingles. The metal has texture and overlapping shapes to give the home a traditional appearance. However, asphalt shingles only last up to 30 years. Stone coated steel materials can withstand 50 years of weathering. When homeowners are weighing investment costs, steel will always save money across the years.

Metal roof costs are substantial, but they can be budget friendly when coupled with an overlay installation. If a home has traditional shingles, the metal installation can be added directly on top of the old materials. Stone coated steel simply uses a locking mechanism to remain securely in place without old material removal.

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Contractors may discount their labor because roof removal isn't necessary and the project is much shorter than a standard tear off and replacement job.

When homeowners look at their property from the exterior, they may be concerned about roof weight. All structures have limits with the loads they bear, including the decking, underlayment and exterior coverings. Generally, each metal shingle section is only 5 pounds. Although this weight is heavier than standard shingles, it's not a huge change for the structure's load bearing capacities. Contractors verify each project's limitations by calculating load and structural weight values.

If residents are concerned about a roof appearing gray and drab, today's metal materials will excite any homeowner. There are various colors, from a dramatic black to gorgeous red, along with strong installation standards. Metal doesn't stick out visually amongst the other homes but it creates a streamlined appearance on any rooftop. All metal shingles lay flat against the home, allowing it to retain an aesthetically pleasing appearance while improving structural longevity.

When homeowners want a quality stone coated steel roof installation, they must research contractors carefully. Only certain companies are qualified to install and service steel paneling. Customer reviews are smart outlets to narrow down selections, but also look for certifications from metal roof manufacturers to see who has the required training.

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