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River Oaks Roofing: Article About Stone Coated Steel Roofs

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Wowed by the style, financial benefits and safety of stone coated steel roofs, owners of custom homes are increasingly choosing these roofs for their residences. With excellent weather resistance, added property value and outstanding durability, it's no wonder that today's innovative metal roofing is gaining popularity.

While the term "metal roofing" may conjure images of old, corrugated roofs on sheds, stone coated steel roofs are actually beautifully crafted roofs that look like expensive clay tile, high end architectural shingles or classic cedar shingles. Their fabrication is at the heart of their popularity, providing superb durability and strength. Stone coated steel roofs are made of pressure formed steel that is coated with acrylic bonded stone chips. The result is a nearly indestructible, lightweight roof that is practically indistinguishable from more traditional shingle, slate and tile roofs.

For safety and weather resistance, most reputable River Oaks roofing experts agree that it's difficult to beat stone coated steel roofs. They are excellent choices for homes in areas prone to hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, hailstorms, wildfires and extreme sun exposure. They often provide the highest available hail and fire resistance ratings in the industry, able to withstand hailstones as large as 3 inches. Wind resistance is usually rated for winds up to 120 and 140 miles per hour, and the materials won't crack, split, rot, break or warp.

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Most traditional roofing materials are heavy, weighing in at 350 to 1,100 pounds per square. This extreme weight requires that the home's structure and foundation be fortified to withstand the weight. Stone coated steel roofs are a fraction of that heft, weighing in at just 150 pounds per square.

The financial advantages of these metal roofs are plentiful too. Most homeowners will have to replace their regular asphalt shingle roofs two to four times before a stone coated steel roof will need replacement. Steel roofs are also extremely sun and heat reflective, so homeowners can expect to save 20 to 30 percent on air conditioning and earn access to incredibly generous tax incentives. Homeowners are also often eligible for substantial discounts on home insurance policies.

Stone coated steel roofs are as appealing to environmentally minded consumers as they are to budget minded homeowners. They are easily recycled, their water runoff is potable, they require very little maintenance, and they elevate the home's resale value. With all of these advantages plus plenty of curb appeal, it's easy to see why stone coated steel roofs are becoming the preferred choice of savvy homeowners across the country.

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