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River Oaks Roofing: Article About The Metal Surrounding A Roof

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Metal flashing on roofs cover joints, chimneys, valleys, pipes and skylights or windows. Roofing contractors use flashing to prevent water from seeping into tough to reach areas not covered by tile, wood shakes or shingles. Professional contractors, including River Oaks roofing companies, build custom flashing out of sheet metal and form fit it around potential problem areas. The biggest problem with flashing is how quickly the metal begins to deteriorate, especially in harsh climates. Professional roofers use sheet metal that is very thin in order to form the flashing around joints and skylights. The thin metal does not withstand tough climates for very long and needs regular inspecting or maintenance to ensure proper function.

Asphalt shingles require a drip edge that extends about 1 inch below the facia board. Drip edges are made out of sheet metal or aluminum and protect the facia by not allowing water to seep between the gutter and the facia board. An asphalt shingle roof without a drip edge runs can lead to rotting siding along with possible soil erosion. Most shingle manufacturers recommend that all homes use drip edge. However, many older homes lack properly installed drip edges.

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Drip edge installation is typically inexpensive because the metal used is traditional stainless steel or aluminum. Several roofing companies in the area offer low labor costs and often charge generous hourly rates. However, make sure the contractor inspects the area exposed to the missing drip edge.

Equipment such as air conditioning units and evaporative coolers that sit on a home's roof need adequate protection and care to prevent damage from occurring. Although the job of servicing and maintaining A/C units and coolers belong to heating and cooling professionals, roofing contractors must ensure each roof has the full protection needed from possible damage forming from faulty equipment.

A/C units and coolers continuously leak water, which causes damage to the area surrounding the equipment. Faulty equipment intensifies the amount of water that leaks and starts to deteriorate the material used to protect the home. Therefore, roofing contractors install custom built flashing that directs water away from the equipment and the surrounding area. Homeowners must inspect the flashing surrounding any equipment for damage or rust. Failure to do so leads to water leaks that damage drywall, electrical components and stucco.

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