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Homeowners can save a surprising amount of money on roof repairs by hiring River Oaks roofing for periodic exterior maintenance. These professionals inspect more than just the roof shingles; they actually look over the entire structure. Inspections help contractors discover small issues that might grow into larger problems. Here are just a few of the inspection points professionals cover.

Roofers may begin with the roof and work their way down during inspections. The roof holds many inspection areas because of its complex installation process. Roofers walk across the surface as they carefully evaluate each shingle. They may even tug slightly at the fasteners to verify their solid attachment. Any shingle or fastener issues are quickly noted for future repair. Professionals also check flashing at transition points. The roof should be water resistant across the entire surface.

Rain gutters are often the next checkpoint to ensure swift water movement away from the home. Contractors look for strong gutter connections to the fascia board and remove any visible blockages. They may even suggest a mesh cover to keep debris from moving into the system. Professionals follow the gutters to downspouts where they check for any crushed channels. Water should always have a clear pathway to local sewers.

Hidden behind the gutter and fascia board configuration is the soffit and eave.

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This roof space is usually reserved for vents. They should be covered with mesh or vent louvers to prevent animals from entering the home. These vents allow air exchange with the attic. The roof has some air pressure and climate control as air passes easily through these vents. If the vents are covered or damaged, professionals add that repair to the maintenance list.

The exterior siding is a large surface area to inspect, so contractors may have multiple people working on this area. They will check the siding itself for damage or decay along with any fastener issues. If the siding is older, homeowners may want to have a new paint job added to the maintenance charges. A new color rejuvenates the siding and gives it an extended life.

A roof can stand tall for many years, or it may succumb to ponding after only a few months, for instance. With professional roofers visiting the property at least once a year, any issues are quickly repaired at a low cost. Homeowners should keep all maintenance records to prove diligent care if the home is being sold soon. Proper maintenance could mean a solid bid in record time.

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