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River Oaks Roofing: Article About Understanding Siding Benefits

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From stucco to lap siding, covering a home's exterior walls is a traditional way to protect its interior components from outside elements such as rain and pests. Modern siding comes in almost every material imaginable and requires specific installation expertise to stand the test of time. River Oaks roofing experts can explain siding benefits to help homeowners make an educated decision on a new installation.

Siding reflects and enhances a home's personality with varying material choices. Vinyl siding is one of the least expensive choices, and it offers a smooth look with a paintable surface. Other homeowners might want a more heavy-duty siding option, such as fiber cement. These thick boards fasten to a home while providing decades of beauty and protection from the weathering elements.

The main benefit to new siding is exterior protection. Although stucco and other surface coatings are attractive, they don't have the same protective characteristics of siding. Depending on the siding type, exterior walls are essentially water-resistant. Siding allows rain to flow quickly to the ground, preventing seepage into interior spaces. Thick siding even stops some pests from infiltrating the property.

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Vinyl and fiber cement are nearly impossible to break through for insects, giving the property a selling point for a potentially pest-free interior.

Although a home's walls are low maintenance, they do build up dirt and film over the years. Properly installed siding is easily cleaned with a hose and sprayer. Homeowners can use basic water or add a mild detergent. The home can look brand new again with consistent siding cleaning. Homeowners can also inspect the siding when it's clean to verify that all fasteners are tight and no damage is apparent on the surface.

When a home is up for sale, its curb appeal is critical to bring buyers into the property. Quality siding is visually stunning, impressing potential buyers from their vehicles on the street. Homeowners may want to clean and repaint the siding before an open house, for example, to generate more interest based on the outward appearance.

In the past, siding samples were held up against the home for a good look at their appearance. Today, some contractors have computer simulation software to see various siding choices on a homeowner's real-life house image. This simulation allows residents to see the finished product before the process even begins. Homeowners can take the contractor's advice about siding, but ultimately, it's the residents' final decision on material cost and attractiveness for their home.

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