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Without help from gutters, the water that lands on a roof would not drain properly. That water would pool on the roof and potentially damage the shingles or seep through the roof into the home. Manufacturers now construct gutters from different materials including steel, copper, aluminum and vinyl. Many homeowners simply look for the type and color of material that will best match the roofing shingles and other colors of the home. Those who take the time to inspect their gutters and look for possible problems can reduce the risk of their homes needing costly roof repairs later.

Gutters and downspouts serve to protect the roof and other areas of the home from problems caused by water. The rain that hits the roof slowly makes its way down to the gutters, which then pushes the moisture into the downspouts. Downspouts placed too closely to the home allow the water to pool around the foundation. This can lead to water damage in the basement and other rooms in the house.

Any landscaping around the home can also incur damage as the result of a faulty or missing downspout. The downspout can drop the water from the house onto the ground. As the ground absorbs that water, it allows the plants growing nearby to get too much water, which can potentially harm them.

Storms are the leading cause of damage to downspouts and gutters on local homes. Even the mildest winds can knock down a loose downspout, and heavier winds can rip off gutters. Debris lodged in the gutters can also keep rain from exiting the roof. Birds and small rodents can build nests in the gutters and clog them. Trash and leaves can also damage the gutters and downspouts.

"There's no substitute for Brinkmann quality" is the slogan used by Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services, and that slogan certainly comes into play when it comes to gutters. Founded in the 1970s, the company knows the ins and outs of repairing, installing and replacing damaged or broken gutters. Those living in the surrounding service areas can make a call today and schedule a free consultation.

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