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Installing siding is a popular option for homeowners today. Though vinyl is still the top choice, some prefer the look of aluminum siding or siding made from wood. As all types require a similar installation process, it really boils down to the look they want and the amount of maintenance they can handle. Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services can help homeowners differentiate between the different siding types and install the courses on their homes.

Wood is more of a traditional source and comes from several different species of trees. Some companies even use bamboo and other types of sustainable woods, which makes the siding appeal to those concerned with environmentally friendly construction materials. Wood is susceptible to termites, dry rot and other problems, and most find that it requires more in the way of maintenance.

Aluminum siding rose to popularity during the housing boom following the end of World War II. Developers and builders chose the material for its ease of use and low cost. Many of the homes built during the 1940s and 1950s still feature aluminum siding. As aluminum can develop dents and warp, modern homes often use vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding is extremely affordable and requires little in the form of maintenance. Homeowners will need to clean the siding at least once or twice every year and check for damage caused by high winds and storms. With proper and routine maintenance, vinyl siding can last for decades or even longer.

Installing vinyl siding requires measuring the size of the home and cutting the siding into courses that will fit each wall. DIY enthusiasts will often find that they cannot cut the channels themselves. Those channels lock the pieces together and keep the siding attached to the building. Others have problems when it comes to cutting and installing the pieces around windows, doors, eaves and other architectural elements.

Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services has decades of experience providing support for local homeowners and business owners with both installing new siding and repairing old siding. The right type of siding can add value to a building and give the property a fresh look.

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