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Most homeowners who live in warmer climates know just how hot their asphalt roof can get. Not only does the roof itself feel hot to the touch but also the air within the living space may often feel hotter than outdoors if they do not have the air conditioner running at full steam. In order to reduce the stress on their air conditioners and on the environment, some homeowners have installed cool roofs on their homes.

A cool roof is any type of roof that reflects a certain amount of sunlight back into the atmosphere. Although they are typically white, they can be a variety of lighter colors. Many cool roofs are made out of metals that have been coated in a white or light gray paint like substance; others are made out of light colored materials that can include asphalt, clay or slate. Not only do these types of roofs reflect heat, they also cool down very quickly. For more information about what types of roofing materials are considered cool roofs, homeowners should contact their trusted Sugar Land roofing contractor.

Cool roofs offer the homeowner many benefits.

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One of the main reasons that a homeowner may install a cool roof is to ultimately save money on energy bills. Depending on the material the roof is made out of, the homeowner can save up to 30 percent off their energy bills on hot, sunny days. Further, a group of homes and buildings with cool roofs can effectively combat the urban heat island effect, making the area feel a few degrees cooler.

Another major advantage of installing a cool roof is that it extends the life of the homeowner's cooling equipment. This means that the air conditioner and any other appliance that was being used to combat extreme heat may last longer due to the reduced stress. Additionally, the roofing materials themselves may also last longer as they are more resistant to extreme sun damage than other traditional roofing materials.

There are a few inherent drawbacks to cool roof systems. Cool roofs do need regular maintenance to ensure that they continue working at peak efficiency. For example, the roofs still need to be washed and debris must still be removed. Further, a professional contractor will still need to recoat the roof every 10 years or so depending on the type of roof. As such, homeowners should include a contractor when discussing whether or not to install a cool roof.

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