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While it may seem counter-productive, every attic needs to have roof vents that allow for ventilation. While roof ventilation is an absolute must, many homeowners don't have attic spaces that are properly ventilated, which can cause serious problems when it comes to home comfort and energy bills. If a home is not properly ventilated, a Sugar Land roofing technician can assist with determining how to add ventilation either by extending the attic's natural ventilation or by adding fans.

During the winter, allowing the cold outdoor air into the attic keeps any snow or moisture on the roof from melting and freezing, which could result in ice damming. Ice damming occurs when ice melts off the top of the roof and refreezes near the gutters, ultimately causing potential damage to the roof. During the summer months, the circulating air allows the trapped hot air to escape. Additionally, moisture will also be able to escape, which protects the home against potential damage and mold growth.

Natural ventilation is one of the easiest ways to keep an attic ventilated. For this type of ventilation, the technician will install roof vents to let the outdoor air inside.

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These vents remain open to the interior of the attic. It is recommended that a technician ensure that any roof vents added are properly installed as many homeowners mistakenly block the airflow with insulation, which could result in serious damage to both the interior roof materials and the attic. Additionally, the technician can install roof vents in the places that will provide the best ventilation.

Attic fans can also be installed to increase ventilation. The fans cool off the attic by drawing in the outdoor air from the vents. The heated air that was trapped in the attic is then pushed out through these vents. While these fans get the job done, if the attic is not properly sealed or the fan installation is not done correctly, the fans can suck cooled or heated air from the inside of the home into the attic and out through the vents. Before installation, the technician will ensure that the attic is properly sealed and insulated.

While homeowners can add roof vents and insulation themselves, a technician can ensure that the job is done properly. Not only will this save money on energy bills, proper attic ventilation will also increase the lifespan of the roof and protect it against moisture and other potential damage.

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