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Sugar Land Roofing: Article About Choosing Wood Or Stone Roofing

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When homeowners want to make their homes look earthy, their best options are stone and wood shingles. While some manufacturers can add wood-like textures to metal and asphalt shingles, neither of these compare to the real thing. To ensure that families get the most out of their wood and stone roofs, they should hire Sugar Land roofing experts. Only professional roofers can guarantee that roofing material is installed correctly.

The first benefit of wood and stone shingles is the curb appeal they add to homes. Nothing beats this natural look, and it helps homes stand out. Choosing between the two types comes down to personal taste because they both add a unique appearance to homes. When a homeowner adds to the curb appeal, value is also added to the house. Adding value to a home allows homeowners to sell it for more if they ever decide to move.

While these types of natural shingles tend to cost slightly more than traditional roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, they last longer. This means that the initial cost will be more, but the shingles won't have to be replaced as often. Stone roofing is the longest-lasting roofing material that a homeowner can choose.

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It's common for it to last upwards of 150 years, outlasting even the most durable metal roofing option.

The cost of maintenance differs between all roofing materials. Stone can stand up well to weather and debris, and it requires the least amount of maintenance. Wood shingles are strong as well, but will need to have a protective coating applied every few years to help it retain its water resistance. The protective coating also deters bugs from wanting to nest in the shingles. It may become necessary to hire a professional to inspect a wood roof for bugs every few years to ensure that bees and ants haven't made homes in it.

One of the best reasons to choose stone or wood roofing is because it will save homeowners money on their cooling bills every month. Both of these materials are great at reflecting the harmful rays of the sun, but stone does it slightly better than wood. That being said, wood roofing offers better air circulation, which keeps homes cooler as well. The only other materials that can keep up with stone and wood in terms of keeping a house cool are metal and clay tiles. Homeowners can further improve the cooling properties of their roofs by applying a light-colored coat of paint. Light colors reflect sunlight, while dark colors absorb it.

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