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A roof leak can be a homeowner's worst nightmare. Not only can it be difficult to determine where the roof leak actually occurred, a leak also generally means that the roof has already sustained some damage that will need to be repaired. Even though a leak is never a good thing, homeowners should have some idea of what a roof leak may look like and know what type of damage the leak can actually do. A Sugar Land roofing contractor may assist by showing a homeowner what a leak looks like and how to find the origin of the leak.

In many cases, a roof leak can go unnoticed for quite some time, especially if the homeowner does not have a contractor regularly inspect the home. Once a leak is detected, however, a quick fix is imperative to avoid damage to the home's structure. A major indication of the presence of a leak is dampness on the ceiling or along the walls. If the leak has been going on for some time, the ceiling may even sag or form cracks.

If it can be determined that the leak was not caused by a broken pipe, the homeowner should call a roofing contractor and search for the origin of the leak. In most cases, water enters through a weak spot in the roof and runs down the rafters or decking prior to soaking into the ceiling or walls.

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This means that the area of the home that has sustained damage is most likely not the origin of the leak unless the home has a flat roof.

One of the best ways to determine the origin of the problem is to look at the shingles themselves. If a shingle is missing or if the flashing has corroded, this may very well be the origin of the leak. However, other leaks can be very difficult to see from the ground. If homeowners have access to their attics, they can look for sunlight streaming through the roof. The origin of many leaks can also be found by visually inspecting the roof up close. It is not recommended for homeowners to do this themselves as they could cause damage to the shingles and underlying roofing materials.

Because most homeowners are not trained to seek out where leaks have formed, it is highly recommended that they consult a contractor at the first sign of water damage. If the problem is not fixed early, the roof could be damaged to the point where it needs to be completely replaced.

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