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Sugar Land Roofing: Article About Emissivity Of Metal Roofing

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There is no denying that metal roofing is one of the best options available for homeowners. This is thanks to high durability and a long life span compared to most other roofing options. However, one thing that often worries homeowners about choosing metal is its emissivity. While the reflective property of metal roofs helps keep homes cooler during the summer, they have a hard time dissipating the little amount of heat that they do absorb. Thankfully, homeowners can still choose to have Sugar Land roofing professionals install metal roofs on their homes because there are ways to increase their emissivity.

The first thing to understand about metal roofing is that it's very eco-friendly because it can reflect the solar heat that is released by the sun's rays. The more reflective an object is, the more light and heat it can reflect away from a home. In some cases, the ability to reflect solar rays can help a resident reduce his energy costs by nearly 40 percent. However, the reflective properties are not the major concern with having a metal roof; it's the emissivity that is concerning.

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The way that emissivity is calculated comes down to the ratio of how much energy is emitted per unit of area compared to a black physical structure at the same temperature. The unit of area differs depending on the area that is being calculated. A metal roof that is unpainted has an emissivity of around 20 percent depending on the type of metal used. This emissivity remains this low even when the metal has reflective properties of nearly 60 to 70 percent. Overall, this means that the metal is unable to dissipate as much heat as it absorbs.

It's bad for homeowners to have roofing materials that absorb heat but cannot dissipate it. However, they often install metal roofs anyway because the metal can still keep their houses cool. Homeowners can also increase a roof's emissivity by painting it. Studies show that, by painting metal, homeowners can increase the emissivity to nearly 80 percent. While this emissivity level might not be as high as some other roofing options, it can be combined with the natural ability of the metal to keep a house cool.

Metal is an extremely versatile material. Metal roofing is extremely lightweight and can be manipulated to fit on nearly any roof. This makes it the perfect roofing material no matter what style roof a homeowner has. It also makes it easier for professionals to create a waterproof seal.

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