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These days, many homeowners want to take the environmental impact of their home into consideration when making home improvement decisions. There are many things that homeowners can do to "go green" without breaking the budget or using exotic materials that are too new to have a proven track record. Sugar Land Roofing is here to help homeowners make eco-friendly decisions about their home's roof, siding and gutters.

One of the easiest things a homeowner can do to lessen a home's environmental footprint is to choose materials with the longest lifespan possible. For example, choosing asphalt shingles with a 50-year life expectancy is a much greener choice than choosing asphalt tiles with only a 20-year life expectancy. Over the course of a hundred years, assuming a house lasts that long, the 50-year shingles will need to be replaced twice while the 20-year shingles will have to be replaced five times. Using the higher rated shingles means less energy expended to produce the shingles, fewer worn out shingles in the landfill, and fewer toxic chemicals used in the production of new shingles.

Another eco-conscious choice homeowners can make is to hire a roofer that is dedicated to recycling as much of their old roofing materials as possible. Thanks to the innovation and inspiration of Earth friendly entrepreneurs, asphalt shingles are now easily recycled into highway paving materials; however, not all roofers offer this service.

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Homeowners who choose to have their old roof recycled are lessening the amount of waste in the landfill while at the same time reducing the need for new materials to be used in highway paving projects.

Homeowners can also reduce the impact their home has on the environmental by choosing roofing materials that are made from recycled products. For example, rubber and plastic can be recycled into faux tiles that are beautiful, durable and available in many colors and styles. Recycled rubber and plastic can be made to look like a variety of natural materials, such as cedar shakes or slate tiles. They perform as well or better than their real counterparts in many climates do.

To be as earth friendly as possible, choose a cool roof. This roof is designed to reflect heat away from the home's roof. Many cool roof products can lower the temperature of the roof by as much as 100 degrees. A cooler roof means a cooler home, which means that less carbon is pumped into the atmosphere by a home struggling to keep its owners comfortable. Cool roofs also generate lower cooling costs in the summer.

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