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Sugar Land Roofing: Article About Green Roofs and Hurricanes

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Many people think about installing a green roof, but worry about whether it might be unsuitable for a south Texas climate. Between hurricanes, hailstorms and the occasional tornado, Sugar Land roofing certainly has its fair share of calamities to contend with. Fortunately, having a green roof demolished during a strong wind need not be one of them.

In fact, a well-planned and carefully installed green roof is no more unsafe in heavy rains and strong winds than any other type of roof. In August 2011, Hurricane Irene struck New York City with ferocious winds and flooding. The green roof atop power company Con Ed's Learning Center in Long Island City stood up surprisingly well.

One of the reasons why Hurricane Irene huffed and puffed but didn't blow the roof down was because it had been carefully designed and planted with sedum. In fact, thanks to sedum's drainage-loving properties, heavy rains cleared the roof very quickly without leaving puddles that could have damaged root systems.

Sedum is a large genus of succulent plants that are found in the Northern Hemisphere. Sedum is a popular choice for green roofs in general because it is cheap, light and low-maintenance.

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Apart from occasional visual checks and weeding, it can be pretty much left to its own devices once it has been planted and settled in.

Why have a green roof? Apart from being attractive, absorbing rainwater, improving insulation and providing a habitat for birds and insects, including the desperately dwindling bee population, green roofs have been shown to be good at regulating temperatures. In the heat of summer, the temperature of the green roof on top of Chicago City Hall was found to be eight degrees Fahrenheit lower than neighboring buildings. Experts have estimated that if all the buildings in a municipality had green roofs, the temperatures of whole cities could be reduced by as much as seven degrees. Ultimately, this would cut air conditioning costs and cut reduce the urban contribution to the greenhouse effect.

It's not just commercial buildings that are installing green roofs, residential homeowners are turning on to them in ever-increasing numbers, too. In places where land is hard to come by, they are giving people a chance to have a garden who might otherwise not be able to.

When considering putting up a green roof, property owners should first consult a structural engineer to make sure their building is up to the job. After that, the task is best left in the hands of a capable, experienced roofing contractor.

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