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When working with a contractor, it's normal to want the workers to leave the home in the same condition they found it. Of course, clean up is generally something that's included in the cost of the work by a Sugar Land roofing company. However, there are a few small messes that are unavoidable when it comes time to get the roof replaced. The workers will usually do their best to clean up, but it's normal to find small messes once everyone has packed up and left.

When the roofers remove the old shingles from the roof, usually some debris falls through cracks and lands in the attic. Essentially, this can leave a fine layer of dust throughout the attic. If there are important things like antiques in the attic, let the workers know about this. They'll take care to cover these items to protect them. If the attic has a hatch style entry, it's a good idea to take care the next time the attic is opened, as some of this new dust could fall out.

The roofing company will make every effort to clean up all of the nails that fall from the roof in the process of tearing off the old roof and putting on the new one.

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They typically will sweep the area with a magnetic broom or a metal detector in an attempt to find all of the loose nails. In most cases, the company will find almost 100 percent of the nails, but it's possible for some to slip through the process. Homeowners who have children should do an extra check after the company has left just to be on the safe side.

It's also normal for some of the loose asphalt pieces from the old shingles to slide down the roof and land into the gutter. It won't be enough to clog the gutter, but, during the next rainfall, it's likely that some of these pieces will fall out at the end of the spouts.

Homeowners who have certain types of ceilings, such as popcorn textured ceilings or vaulted ceilings may find that there are small cracks in the paint from the roofers working above. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable, and it is usually not covered under the insurance plan offered by the roofing company. Those who find it unseemly can hire a painting contractor for these minor touch ups.

It's best for homeowners to go into the re roofing process with a full understanding of what to expect. Knowing that there may be a bit of dust or a stray nail left behind can help prevent accidents after the job is done. If the mess seems excessive, it's a good idea to call the company back and inform them.

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