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Sugar Land Roofing: Article About Metal Roof Options

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Modern metal roofs are made of Galvalume and other metals that are resistant to corrosion. Gone are the images of barns and fishing shacks with rusty roofs. Homeowners can choose a standing seam metal roof or a traditional roof covered in metal shingles fabricated to resemble other more traditional shingles like shakes, clay tile or asphalt. Homeowners who are interested in a metal roof can consult an experienced Sugar Land roofing contractor to find out what kind of metal roof will work best with their home's architectural style.

A standing seam metal roof is made of metal panels placed vertically over the roof's decking. The outer inch of every panel is bent at a 90 degree angle. The panels are joined by placing the panels side by side and clipping the bent portion of the panels together. These seams are then capped and sealed to prevent leaking.

Metal shingles are fabricated from the same materials that standing seam roofs are. Instead of long panels, the metal is cut to form shingles. The shingles can be coated to give them the texture of asphalt shingles or they can be stamped to give them the appearance of shakes or slate. Metal shingles can also be curved to give them the appearance of Spanish clay tiles.

The expert roofers at Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services of Sugar Land TX can assist you with questions about solar shingles or siding.

Regardless of the type of roof chosen, metal roofs have many advantages over more traditional roofing materials. The use of metal alloys gives metal roofs superior durability and impact resistance without being heavy. For example, homeowners who choose the metal form of slate or Spanish clay tiles do not need to have their roofing structure reinforced the same way that a homeowner who chooses the traditional material would have to.

Because they do not deteriorate the same way that traditional roofing materials do, many metal roofs come with a 50 year materials warranty. Metal roofs offer additional value, being both fireproof and insect proof. Because of their performance in a fire, some insurance companies give a discount to homeowners who choose a metal roof as a replacement for asphalt shingles or shakes.

Metal roofs come in hundreds of colors. There are the traditional shades of black, brown, terra cotta and gray, as well as shades of red, blue and green. The color of a metal roof can also help with its reflectivity, giving the roof the ability to keep cooling costs down. By choosing a metal roof, homeowners can make their home a beautiful, functional work of art.

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