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Metal roofs are not just for industrial buildings anymore. People are beginning to recognize the practicality of using metal on their homes and offices. These roofs are not the unsightly tin roofs of the past; now, they're made of various metals that can be fashioned into many attractive styles and colors. Metal roofs last a long time, are fireproof and repel insects and animals. The downside is that they are usually more expensive than most other roof types.

The primary roofing metals include aluminum, copper, steel and zinc alloys. Copper is the most expensive but will likely never need replacement. Some copper roofs in Europe are a thousand years old or more. Copper ages to a verdigris patina that enhances its appearance. Metals other than copper must be painted or have a protective coating applied. A consultation with Sugar Land roofing professionals can help homeowners and builders select the best materials when they need a new roof.

Metal can often be installed over existing roofs, as it is lightweight, unless local building codes forbid it. New buildings may not need as many supporting beams due to the light weight of metal. The steepness of the roof isn't a limiting factor for most metals. Because metal roofing is made primarily with recycled material, it's regarded as friendly to the environment.

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Metal roofs traditionally were made of corrugated panels joined by standing seams. Metal now can be manufactured in shingles that look like any other building material. Because metal is malleable, it can be formed into any number of shapes and sizes to imitate clay tiles, shakes, slate and wood. It can be coated with ceramic-embedded paint, gels, polymers or stone to further resemble conventional roofs.

A metal roof can be very slippery, especially when wet, making it dangerous to walk on. Once installed, metal roofs are low maintenance. Owners seldom have to climb on them, and the slick surface allows rain or snow to easily slide off. A metal roof reflects sunlight, which can reduce the cost of cooling the interior of the building.

Large hailstones can potentially dent metal; however, roofs in hailstorm-prone areas can be installed with a dent-proof coating. The sound of rain hitting a metal roof may not be comfortable depending on the occupants, but good insulation can deaden the noise if necessary. Metal conducts electricity, but it does not attract it; therefore, it's a myth that a metal roof will draw lightning to it.

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