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When the rain falls for an extended period of time, weak spots and problems with the roof or gutters often make themselves known. Sometimes these problems come in the form of roof leaks; other times, they come in the form of noisy drips from the gutters. While this does not seem like a big deal, it can potentially indicate that the gutters are not working as they should be. Additionally, the constant dripping can cause the home occupants to lose sleep. Depending on the problem, there are several ways an expert Sugar Land roofing professional may silence noisy rain gutters.

The problem might lie with the downspout. In some cases, simply replacing the lower downspout elbow with an elbow made from a different material can help to muffle the sound. If this does not work, the expert may widen the angle of the elbow or move the termination point further away from the home, effectively muting the noise. Other options for dealing with a faulty downspout elbow include attaching a small screen inside or padding the inside of the elbow.

If these simple fixes do not work, a number of products available are designed specifically to reduce the noise made by noisy downspouts. Products like RainQuiet and different gutter guards can help reduce the noise caused by rain.

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Gutter guards are more costly, but they have other advantages than just reducing noise; they protect the gutters from being clogged with leaf litter and other debris, which could be causing the problem.

Some homeowners may attempt to fix the problem of a noisy downspout themselves. DIY fixes may work for a short while, but many of the methods, such as padding the downspout with indoor materials or using string, can block the flow of water or encourage mold and bacteria growth. Some homeowners also attempt to drown out the sound by insulating the downspout with PVC pipe and spray foam insulation. While this may drown out the sound, it could also cause damage to the pieces. Further, if this does not drown out the sound, the homeowner will be stuck with buying a new downspout.

These methods may suffice for a short time, but it is recommended that homeowners seek advice from an expert contractor, especially because the noise could be an indication that the gutter system is not working the way that it should be. Fixes that are permanent may also increase the lifespan of the gutter system without causing any damage elsewhere.

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