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When homeowners are looking to purchase a specific style of home or wish to improve their home's curb appeal, the shape and style of the roof can play an important part. Roof shapes and styles may be influenced by a number of factors, including the region where the home is located, the cost of the home and the materials that were available. Additionally, the builder may also influence the type of roof that is chosen. If a homeowner wishes to change the style or shape of their roof, a Sugar Land roofing expert may assist with determining the best shape of roof for an existing home or a new building. There are a number of different roof shapes: flat, mono-pitched roofs, multi-pitched roofs and hipped roofs, among many others.

Flat roofs are found on many homes and buildings. A lot of large commercial buildings have flat roofs because the materials used keep water out. They also require relatively little repairs when compared to other roof shapes. Smaller or modern-style homes may also utilize these types of roofs for the same reason. Additionally, these roofs are safer to stand on when maintenance is needed, and it is more accessible to both homeowners and roof technicians.

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Because debris can become trapped on the roof, these roof styles do require some maintenance after storms and during the fall.

Mono-pitched roofs are those that have one peak with a certain roof pitch. These types of roofs have planes that allow water and debris to fall off. Mono-pitched roofs include skillion roofs, lean-to roofs and sheds. These types of roof styles can be identified by a tall wall with a single roof slope. Multi-pitched roofs have multiple planes that make one or more inverted V shapes. These roofs include gables, saltbox-style roofs, bonnet roofs and clipped gables, among others. Finally, a hipped roof has multiple planes that face two directions. For example, a hipped roof may have slopes that face north to south and slopes that also face east to west. In general, these roof shapes can create an interesting exterior and increase the home's appeal. However, they also may require more maintenance depending on the types of materials used.

If the homeowner wishes to tear down an old roof in order to install a new one with a different design, it is highly recommended that the homeowner contact a roof expert before beginning the design and planning process. This is because the existing structure of the home may only support certain roof styles, or the desired roof shape may not be appropriate for the area where the home is located.

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