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Sugar Land Roofing: Article About Roofing Proposal Guide For Homeowners

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Sometimes one roofer's price quote can be drastically different from another's. When evaluating those bids, it is important to thoroughly read the proposals that accompany those quotes. Knowing what each company is offering for the price can be the difference between a frustrating and a satisfying roofing purchase.

While comparing the bids, look for what is included in the contract and what isn't. Does the roofer's proposal include the price of roofing materials, underlayment and trash removal? Or does it simply quote the cost of labor? Exceptional roofers are certified and educated by roofing manufacturers on how to properly and effectively install their materials. Additionally, choosing a factory-certified roofer to install the product means that the homeowner receives the benefit of highly informed contractors and extended warranties from the manufacturer. For example, Sugar Land Roofing is credentialed by Owens Corning, GAF, Atlas Roofing and Tamko, ensuring quality materials and quality workmanship.

What else is included in the roofing bid? There are often satellite repairs to be made when a new roof is installed, such as fascia boards, flashing and soffits. Some roofers include these in a roofing bid, while others do not. Knowing what your roofer proposes to do for you ahead of time can save you a lot of grief in the future.

Another thing to consider as you compare quotes is who is responsible for damages and clean up? Will the roofer you choose dispose of your old roofing, or are you expected to contract that job out separately? In the event that shrubs and landscaping are destroyed, will you be compensated by the roofer or his insurance? Sometimes the natural process of installing a new roof will cause the texture on your ceiling to crack or fall.

The roofing experts at Brinkmann Quality Roofing Services of Sugar Land TX can assist you with questions about gutters or solar shingles.

Plaster can crack and flake. Are these things covered in the roofer's proposal? If not, you could be looking at hiring an additional contractor to make repairs after your new roof is finished.

Finally, check the proposal to see what kind of warranty the roofer offers. There is more than one kind of warranty. Unfortunately, many homeowners encounter situations where they believed they were covered, only to find out that they weren't. The manufacturer's warranty covers the materials used and is typically in effect for decades. The roofer's warranty covers his workmanship and installation. This warranty usually covers time periods on the order of several months to one year. Knowing the difference between these two warranties is important. After all, what homeowner wants to have shingles blowing off the roof in six months because they were incorrectly installed with the wrong kind of fasteners?.

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