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There are many different types of gutters that may be used on a house. Open gutters are the most commonly used due to the ease of their installation. They can come in aluminum, copper, steel and vinyl, among other materials. The type of gutter that is chosen for a home depends on several factors, including the style of home, the cost and the climate. Because each type of gutter has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is recommended that homeowners discuss their needs and wants with a professional Sugar Land roofing contractor.

Aluminum gutters are commonly chosen because they are inexpensive, durable and are resistant to rust. They are most commonly found in white or brown, though homeowners who are searching for a unique look can also find aluminum gutters in other colors, or homeowners may choose to repaint them. Additionally, there are many different ways to fasten the gutters to the outer wall.

Vinyl gutters are popular among homeowners looking to install their gutters themselves. They mostly come in white or brown, which fits the styles of most homes. The major disadvantage of vinyl gutters is that they expand and contract widely over time, eventually making them brittle.

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Heavy rainfall can also cause the gutters to pull away from the home's outer wall.

Due to their relatively expensive price, copper gutters are not very commonly used. However, their distinctive appearance is a major draw for many homeowners. Over time, the copper forms a greenish patina that can boost the home's curb appeal. Copper does not expand or contract as much as aluminum or vinyl and is naturally resistant to rust. Homeowners must have their copper gutters resealed periodically to keep them from oxidizing, however.

Finally, steel is the strongest material from which some gutters are made. In most cases, steel gutters are made from galvanized steel or painted steel. These types of gutters are on the more expensive side and are not often found on many homes. While less resistant to corrosion, they are more resistant to damage caused by hail and ice than other types of gutters. Homeowners looking for strong gutters that are more resistant to corrosion may wish to consider Galvalume gutters.

Ultimately, all gutter types have advantages and disadvantages that may work for some homeowners and not for others. Homeowners looking to install new gutters should consider discussing their options with a contractor prior to making a decision to ensure that the material is right for both the home and climate.

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