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Many homeowners may rely on their air conditioners and heaters to keep their homes comfortable for them during the summer and winter months. However, if their attic is not properly insulated, they may be paying a high price for their year-round comfort. The right type attic insulation could allow a homeowner to keep their home at a comfortable temperature while reducing the amount of energy they use. A Sugar Land roofing technician can assist with choosing and installing new insulation.

There are a number of different types of insulation available on the market, many of which can be used for insulating a home's attic. Insulation types include blanket insulation, rigid foam or foam board insulation, loose-fill or blown-in insulation and radiant barriers.

The most widely used and available insulation is called blanket insulation, which comes in rolls or batts. This type of insulation is made out of fiberglass though other materials are available such as natural fibers, plastic fibers and mineral. The batts come in different lengths and widths though an expert can trim continuous batts to fit between attic trusses, floor joists and rafters.

Rigid foam, also called foam board, can also be used to insulate the attic.

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Foam board is rigid and can be directly installed into the attic. Most foam board is made from artificial materials including polyurethane, polyisocyanurate and polystyrene, all of which reduce heat conduction.

A third type of insulation that can be used is blown-in and loose-fill insulation. This type of insulation is made from small particles of foam or fiber that is blown into the roof cavity. The loose foam conforms to the available empty space, making it useful in small spaces where it would be difficult to use other types of insulation. Additionally, the materials used are often recycled and include used newsprint, fiberglass and mineral wool.

Radiant barriers are particularly popular for attic use because this insulation helps to radiate heat away from the living space and back to the outdoor environment. Radiant barriers, which are usually made from reflective aluminum foils, reflect the heat from the sun that is absorbed through the roof and into the attic. This type of insulation is often found in homes that are located in warm climates and in homes that have cooling air ducts in the attic.

The type of insulation chosen depends on the needs of the homeowner and the home's design. The expert roofer can determine which insulation fits the homeowner's budget, their energy needs and the home's structure.

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